Why is LDAP attribute "secretary" called "Superior" in UCS?

There is a standard LDAP attribute called “secretary”, which according to the official specs is intended for:

The ‘secretary’ attribute specifies secretaries and/or administrative assistants, by distinguished name.

But the web UI of UCS labels this “superior”, which I find rather confusing, so before we fill this field with the secretaries of our organization I thought I’d ask here first what the story is on this…?


Bumping this, still hoping to get some insights on this.

Any idea on this choice of label?


I can only speculate why it was chosen, perhaps deliberately because nothing else was available or as some kind of workaround or it was simply a mistake - There is a bug that concerns this and suggests to use manager instead: Bug 53741 – Wrong usage of LDAP attribute "secretary"


Thanks! Interesting to see that bug report, which is basically about the same issue:

UCS field ‘superior’ → should be using the LDAP attribute ‘manager’
LDAP attribute ‘secretary’ (aka ‘administrative assistants’) → should NOT be called ‘superior’

Any comment from someone from Univention?

I am from Univention. The decision to implement it this way was long ago, I don’t know if anybody remembers the reasons or is able to find documentation for that. Bug 53741 – Wrong usage of LDAP attribute "secretary" suggests to change it, for further updates you can subscribe to the bug.

Thanks for the reply, I added myself to that bug report.

NB: the bug report is not 100% identical my question/request. IMO, the UMC field “Superior” should be renamed into “secretary” or “assistant” and map to LDAP attribute ‘secretary’, and another field called “manager” should be created and mapped to LDAP attribute ‘manager’.