Which opportunities do I have if I need to run native Windows programs?

UCS offers Active Directory-compatible domain services for different operation systems such as Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. These Active Directory domain services are easy to install and an existing Active Directory domain can be migrated into a UCS domain. However, native Windows applications cannot be executed on UCS. What are the options to continue to run them?

In many cases, it appears that there are good or even much better alternatives to Windows applications which are available for Linux and UCS. Nevertheless, it may be that applications are in use which are only available for Windows or that applications should not be migrated at the moment:

Windows client and server operating systems can be joined the Active Directory domain provided by UCS. On these systems, native Windows applications can be made available for the domain. Whether a Windows client or Windows server operating system is used, should be distinguished from case to case.

With the integrated virtualization solution in UCS (UVMM), a Windows system can be operated simply on UCS. Thus, the purchase of an additional hardware is not required.