Which login server? Slow logons


I seem to be getting some unexpected behavior. Logons are slow

Office A with two samba4 DCs. Ucs3-pdc and ucs3-bdc
Office B with ucs-bdc2

I think I have a clearer understanding of the slowness of the logons of windows clients to the domain. I have implemented Microsoft’s bginfo app within my logon script. This allows me to display various statistics onto the desktop wallpaper. I have added the %logonserver% variable. It seems that some of the workstations in office A are using USC-bdc2 as the logonserver. Also, some of the workstations in Office B are using Ucs3-bdc as the logonserver. In other words, some workstations are logging in using a server in the other office.
Is there a simple way to get systems to map to local office’s dc rather that going to slower link to a dc in another office?

Multi-site DNS and DHCP for UCS


by default the client may choose an arbitrary logon server. To specify a particular logon server for a client subnet you would use a different “AD-Site” in Active Directory environments. You will find information on how to create such a site in the Microsoft documentation:
technet.microsoft.com/en-us/libr … 30718.aspx

Janis Meybohm


I did setup the two sites, and all seemed to be going well. For a while at least. Now I do occasionally get workstations that ‘cross over’ and use a server in the other office still. How do I diagnose?



there might be many possible causes for this behavior. You will find some informations on how to track this down on the following pages:
MS-Technet: PC logs into Domain Controller in wrong site
AD Clients Not Authenticating to its Local Site
Client going to different Domain Controller randomly for authentications (Cause and Solution)

Janis Meybohm