Where are the storage settings?

I have downloaded Univention-App-owncloud-KVM and am running the VM happily enough.

The next obvious step is that I must now add some storage but there appears to be no configuration option to allow this?

I have a large NFS / SMB mount available but cannot find anywhere to tell owncloud to use it. All of the searches that I have done indicate that you must install some third party app called ¨external storage¨ which is not available in the repository.

Could somebody please point me in the right direction with how to complete this set up and add the strorage?


In the Portal you have a link to the Admin manual of ownCloud.


There you have a search bar. If you type in “external Storage” you get to this page:


There are the steps to configure external storage in ownCloud.

Specifically for SMB we have this page:


I hope you find everything you need. If not, let me know :slight_smile:

We always try to improve our documentation for users to have the best experience with ownCloud.

I’m having this same problem.

It’s almost impossible to use external storage.

The External storage support app doesn’t appear as an option in ownCloud setting, but only appears in the Marketplace for enterprise, but there’s no option to download/install.

The instructions you have for enabling smb/cifs external storage requires libsmbclient-php to be installed, but that needs php7.2+, but you appliance only has php7.0 installed.

Virtualbox is sharing the external HHD (connected to host MacOS) and mounting it at /media/sf_drive-name. This is accessible in ubuntu just like another directory. However, ownCloud cannot connect to it using the “Enable External Storage” option for local storage.

This was after adding to config.php

‘files_external_allow_create_new_local’ => ‘true’,

Is this even possible? Has ANYONE successfully enabled external storage to work?

ownCloud 10.2.1 (stable)
UCS 4.4
Host VirtualBox 6.0.10
MacOS 10.11.6

Hello - can you tell me where you were able to find the config.php in univention so i can change the file upload limit of 512, and make it usable? Thank you.