When will Nextcloud 26 be released in UCS?

Since Nextcloud 25 goes EOL in October according to their Githubpage: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/wiki/Maintenance-and-Release-Schedule are there any news on when the app in the app-center gets updated to 26 Release?
Is there any Roadmape with timeframes for app and version releases itself?



I can only quote what I wrote the last time this question was asked here:

You might get a better answer of their planning when you ask them, I don’t know if someone from Nextcloud frequents this forum and is able to give out predictable dates.


I get that and will ask over at Nextcloud as well.
But shouldn’t it be in your interest as UCS as well to get newer and supported versions for outwardfacing apps in your app center?
Also I would believe that you as UCS can establish more pressure on Nextcloud to update the app more frequently.

You are right, it is in our interest to have maintained and updated software in our app center. :slight_smile: I just want to state that is ok to ask for releases of third-party apps here, but often you will get no good answer as we have no control over this (apart from helping with the release process of course).

So I opened a thread over at the Nextcloud Forum, Nextcloud 26 for UCS Appstore - app dev - Nextcloud community , and got the following anwser: versions newer than 25 needs PHP Version 8 or newer.
I checked on our Installation and only got PHP Version 7, in UCS@school Version 5.0 Patchlevel 4.
Are there any news as to when UCS is implementing PHP Versions newer than 8?

Nextcloud is a containerized app and afaik does not rely PHP on the UCS host. The sources for the app build are publicly available by the way: GitHub - nextcloud/univention-app: 📦 Nextcloud App for the Univention Corporate Server

Unfortunatelly you did not read all answers in your thread in Nextcloud-form: