When will Nextcloud 25 be released in UCS?

Hello all,

Nextcloud 25 has officially been released for quite some time. When will UCS follow suit here? Because our Android phones are already screaming that the server version is no longer supported.

Thanks a lot

my guess is that it will be available after ucs5.2 release

It’s not wrong to ask that here and I don’t want to fingerpoint, but the app Nextcloud Hub is maintained and supported by Nextcloud itself, so for a credible answer I would recommend asking them directly.

With UCS 5.0-4 there should be no excuse anymore. @blizzz?


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25 should be out now.


Thanks the upgrade was running smooth :slight_smile:

Now nextcloud 26 :wink:

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If you update to the via the bad update right after to the v25, everything runs perfectly. Thanks for the update!! :sunglasses:

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