When logging on to Windows, the Desktop.ini file opens in Notepad

Desktop.ini specifies how contents of a folder should be displayed in the Windows Explorer. For example, in this file you can specify the font colour or whether a background image should be displayed. The file opens automatically when Windows starts because this file is contained in the Windows Autostart folder. As it is not a file which can be executed, Windows employs the Notepad Editor to open it.

To stop the file being shown on the desktop / being opened in an editor following login, the option Hide files can be configured on the Advanced settingsSamba options tab for the corresponding share in the Shares module of the Univention Management Console.
Alternatively to adding the share option, one can also mark thedesktop.ini file as hidden in Windows. This is only possible if the file system on which the Windows profiles are stored is mounted with the user_xattr option (this is the default in Samba 4 domains).

The following command can be used to set the attribute hidden from Linux:

setfattr -n user.DOSATTRIB -v '"0x02"' DATEI