When adding Linux /MacOS to the domain

Hi All, I have successfully migrated from a test instance of active directory to ucs server, I checked with the windows 7 clients, it works perfectly with profiles and policies . Those windows 7 machines logs in as if they are getting connected to the MS AD.
Now I am planning to try out adding some Linux machines and Mac machines. When trying out this. In what way should I tackle, should the Linux.Mac machines treat the directory server as Active directory, or approach it as a LDAP server.
Which is the best recommended method
Joseph John

Linux should connect to the openLDAP.

MacOS should join the Samba 4 domain.

Thanks, I connected Linux machine to the ucs using the docs

Now will try MacOS

You can also join your linux hosts:

root@srv01:~# apt-get install realmd sssd sssd-tools samba-common krb5-user packagekit samba-common-bin samba-libs cdcli ntp

root@srv01:~# vi /etc/realmd.conf

default-home = /home/%D/%U
default-shell = /bin/bash
default-client = sssd
os-name = Debian GNU/Linux
os-version = 8.5
automatic-install = no
fully-qualified-names = no
automatic-id-mapping = yes
user-principal = yes
manage-system = no

root@srv01:~# realm --verbose join domain.tld --user-principal=srv01/administrator@DOMAIN.TLD

root@srv01:~# vi /etc/sssd/sssd.conf

#access_provider = simple
access_provider = ad

root@srv01:~# service sssd restart

We use this on Ubuntu 16.04 Desktops and the users are very happy. No logon failures, overwritten config files or problems while installing updates…