What is the correct way to create a FileShare for an UCS Windows active directory infrastructure


Anyway can help what is the right way to add a fileserver?
What role?
What apps should be installed?
What the steps?

I’m asking this because i already try sometimes, read the docs but it simple never works… as per docs i’m assuming that shouldn’t be need that the server be a replica node and only a managed node… but i’m unable to set it up.

The best i’m able to go is to setup the share but it only is accesible via ip address and not bt hostname in a magened host…

More detail

Answer to myself, after some more tests

I’m able to configure a member ser as a file server.

  • After install choose to add the server to an existent UCS domain
  • As managed node
  • After domain joined, reboot
  • Install univention-samba (not univention-samba4)
  • Join pending scripts (26univention-samba)

After that steps i’m able to access the server by \ip or by \hostname