What is the best way to change the primary domain


This question has been posted before, however the answers do not quite cover my needs.

I have configured our UCS cluster (primary and backup DC) with a .local domain and would like to change this to .net - but basically I only I need to have the user domains changed.

My safest bet is to simply build it from ground up, manually copying the items that are configured (not much, mostly just DNS and DHCP stuff and some users and containers in the LDAP). Is that correct or are the some ‘trics’ I can use to copy stuff to the new system. For instance is it possible to export the DNS records?

Sorry if this question has allready been asked and answered, I might have misread those…




indeed there is no recommended way to change the domain name. As you wrote, re-install from scratch and re-create theentries as needed.