WERR_BADFILE when checking the replication status

Dear All,

I have a failed joining to UCS for a slave UCS DC. Then I reinstalled and join slave DC successfully with an another name.
And when I excute the command “samba-tool drs showrepl”, there are a lot of failure which related to the “old” slave DC, which is not existed now:

Last attempt @ Fri Jul 7 03:02:02 2017 CEST failed, result 2 (WERR_BADFILE)
7308 consecutive failure(s).
Last success @ NTTIME(0)

I’ve searched all the LDAP directory, DNS, etc… but there is no where which contains the record related to the failed slave DC. Please help me to solve this issue. Thank you.

Have a look here: http://sdb.univention.de/content/6/222/en/samba-4-troubleshooting.html?highlight=troubleshooting

section: “Removal of Domain Controllers”

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Hi Hansen,
After trying to search in the system deeply, finally I found out the place which contained the value of “old” slave UCS, which is no longer existed. After removing it and execute the command “samba-tool dbcheck --fix”, everything is fine now. Thank you so much. Have a nice weekend!