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mein Problem ist, das sich in Wekan eine neue Karte immer unter der internen Adresse (Domäne) öffnen will. Aber nur da, alles andere in Wekan ist unter der Root-Adresse erreichbar. Wo liegt das Problem??

my problem is, if i want to open a new card in Wekan, this open always under the internal address (domain). But only there, everything else in Wekan can be reached at the root address. Where is the problem??


does it relate to this issue: https://github.com/wekan/univention/issues/1?

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Yes I think it’s same issue. I think it will be fixed when I will release new Wekan version for Univention sometime at this or next month.

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das habe ich schon gemacht, leider ohne Erfolg.

I have already done that, unfortunately without success.


unfortunately the update mentioned in issue 1 isn’t enough, which is why I filed a second issue a couple of weeks ago. You still need to configure the environment variable ROOT_URL if you want to use a host name in links that’s different from your machine’s host name (e.g. if you want to access Wekan from the internet).

For me I got it to work by stopping the containers, removing them, changing ROOT_URL to a hardcoded URL in both of the files docker-compose.yml.template and docker-compose.yml in /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/wekan/compose and running docker-compose start there if I remember correctly.

I don’t know how these changes will interact with future updates of the app.

I do not recommend making manual changes, I do recommend waiting for official update.

Anyway, if you only changed ROOT_URL, and did not change any container names etc, then I presume it should work, but with manual changes, you should make backup https://github.com/wekan/wekan/wiki/Backup before upgrading Wekan on Univention.

Yes, the only thing I changed was setting ROOT_URL to a fixed value, nothing else. It does work for our customer. Of course I’d prefer a solution allowing me to specify the ROOT_URL without modifying the templates, preferably via a UCR variable or via the app’s configuration screen.

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Is there a schedule for that? We have the same problem.

Yes there is schedule. @gulden said that at end of this month someone comes from holiday back to work and helps me make new Wekan release for Univention.

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When sometime new Wekan version for Univention is released, I will close this issue, you see progress there:

After having updated to wekan 3.02 and set the proper FQDN within the new settings section it works like a charm.

Thanx a lot…

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