Wekan authentication reports timeout on LDAP connection

After upgrading to UCS-4.4-5 and Wekan 4.15 no one can log in. you can’t even log in with the wekan-admin login and secret.

Docker logs wekan-app gives;

[INFO] Connecting “ldap://KanBan.rockfield.lan:7389”
[DEBUG] connectionOptions{
url: ‘ldap://KanBan.rockfield.lan:7389’,
timeout: 10000,
connectTimeout: 10000,
idleTimeout: 10000,
reconnect: true,
log: Logger {
_events: [Object: null prototype] {},
_eventsCount: 0,
_maxListeners: undefined,
_level: 30,
streams: [ [Object] ],
serializers: null,
src: false,
fields: {
name: ‘ldapjs’,
component: ‘client’,
hostname: ‘c68436e98c02’,
pid: 1
[Symbol(kCapture)]: false
[INFO] Starting TLS
[DEBUG] tlsOptions {
“rejectUnauthorized”: false,
“ca”: [

“host”: “KanBan.rockfield.lan”
[ERROR] connection time out 10000
[ERROR] Error: Timeout

Any help would be appreciated.

Have got this working, but don’t really know why… I eventually noticed that after upgrading UCS that it’s IP from DHCP changed!, changing the network settings to use a static IP of it’s original address seems to resolve the ldap authentication issue.