Wekan 6.09 smtp email wont work with any settings Wekan 6.09 on UCS 5.2

Have tried for quite a few hours, mixed messages from Wekan support. Say it works, then says it doesnt. Used to work, doesnt work now, same settings in app panel.
Reduces base functionality to making it useless, as no notifications to any user, no password reset ability.
Crippled app. Tried every way frm here: Troubleshooting Mail · wekan/wekan Wiki · GitHub
States no email settings in panel anymore, but they are there still.
Should be format:
c) Docker, Source, etc

MAIL_FROM='Wekan Boards <boards@example.com>'

This script still in app panel in UCS, is accurate and worked in previous app. Have Mail Server installed for smtp ability backend but get errors with test emails out of wekan 6.09 on UCS 5.2