Webfrontend error

Installed my server some 1,5 month ago, everything worked nice but has been put offline for some 5 weeks. Now it is running again but when i try to access the management console i get this error:

Webfrontend error: The specified request is unknown.
The path '/portal/univention/management/' was not found.

Did an upgrade through ssh yesterday and after an reboot the error was still there, the system is joined succesfully and the apps Kopano and Nextcloud work.
Obvious for some configuration I need to access the management console but can’t get any further right now.

ucr get apache2/startsite


either use /univention/management to access the UMC directly, or use /univention/portal and then the ‘System and domain settings’ button.

Thank you so much, /univention/management gave me access.
The button System and domain settings through /univention/portal gives me the error mentioned earlier, something must have changed because I used to access the login through that button before.
But I can go ahead now, thanks again.


that’s strange. I was under the impression, that /univention/management is actually a hardcoded default in the portal. If you hover the pointer above said button, what URI is displayed as the target?

that url is https://xxxx/univention/portal/univention/management/