Web server and FTP

I want to know if i can add a Web Server and FTP server Modules to UCS or it’n not possible.


each Univention server includes a web server by default (Apache 2). It is used for the administration of the system but can be used for other purposes, too, of course.

Univention also provides an FTP server. You can install the package »univention-ftp« which depends on the well-known ProFTPd server. The »univention-ftp« package itself provides an integration of the ProFTPd configuration into the UCS management.

Of course Univention itself is based on Debian, and Debian includes several other FTP servers like vsftp. You can install those, if you like, but those are not managed by UCS.

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thanks for replying and i have a couple of more questions (I’m a Newbie in servers thing :smiley: ):
1st: Can i use that web server to manage my own sites and can it be added to the UCS management ?
2nd: Can i add something like a disk usage gadget or something in the UCS management?

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  1. About configuring Apache: you can add your sites just fine, but they won’t be managed by UCS, only the main instance of the server is managed by UCS. General Apache maintenance and configuration is the same as on any other Debian installation. Therefore you should refer to external documentation how to set up your site in Apache like e.g. Configure Apache on Debian or Ubuntu.

  2. I don’t know of such a web-based tool for the Univention Directory Management system. The easiest way to see your used and available disk space would probably be to log in via ssh and enter the command df -h.

Thanks again you were very Helpful :slight_smile:

You’re quite welcome.