WARNING: MongoDB 5.0+ requires a CPU with AVX support


This is essentially an issue, but IMHO it can be addressed by either avoiding the upgrade or checking the CPU Features:

grep flags -m1 /proc/cpuinfo | grep avx

So I hope this serves as an additional piece of information to consider before proceeding with any upgrades of RocketChat with MongoDB 5.0+ included.

In my case after an actual upgrad to:


The Rocketchat Login stop working with:


Checking with:
docker ps |grep rocket

shows a permanent restarting mongoDB:

and looking into that with:
docker logs your rocketchat-mongo CONTAINER ID

shows the problem:

WARNING: MongoDB 5.0+ requires a CPU with AVX support, and your current system does not appear to have that!

including some infos to the problem:


I will leave it as is for now, you are informed :slight_smile:

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