Warning: Check for problems with UDN replication

Hello, I’m trying to re-find the guide to fix this error. I had a link where it described how to locate the section of the file where the missing lines start and to insert the missing entries, then rejoin the DC’s. I can’t seem to find it now. I upgraded to 4.3 about a week ago but had issues and rolled back to a snapshot. (clients stopped being able to authenticate) I have fixed all the errors aside from this one in the Diagnostics and will try again. The link in the Support Database doesn’t show the steps to stop the process and the script to find the error. It was a pretty detailed guide.
Thanks !!

Warning: Check for problems with UDN replication
Univention Directory Notifier ID and the locally stored version differ.
This might indicate an error or still processing transactions.
Univention Support Database - Troubleshooting: Listener-/Notifier

I found it! if anyone else has this issue here is some help.


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