VPN IPs can't connect to smb

I can’t connect from my external Clients over VPN to my Univention SMB Server.
OpenVPN → OPNSense → Univention 5.0-2
Local clients work perfect.
I can access the Univention Portal and ssh to the Server over VPN.
Only over VPN to the Server I get “Der Netzwerkpfad wurde nicht gefunden”
Any ideas?

did you try it with the IP or with the FQDN?

Best Ben

Same Problem here.
Wether FQDN nor IPadress works. This is happening after an Update to latest Version of UCS. Before that update the problem did not occur. On the client side nothing has been changed. Even when I connect the laptop with ethernet cable to the network, the UCS cannot be found. The Laptop is not joined into the domain. UCS Web-Surface is available but Samba-shares are not.
I checked the network options of the client and everything is perfect.
Does anyone have an idea where to search for the reason?
The computers inside the local network ( joined to the domain) are able to acess UCS shares as before.

EDIT: Solved by reboot …

Happened here again after update. Hope reboot helps, gonna check tonight.
There are more with this problem.

Do you use opnsense/pfsense?