VMware image below actual download from webpage (v4.3)

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just assume I am too stupid to find, not too lazy. And we are under standard sub.
But I used the loupe, no luck for downloads or vmware.

Anyway, I don’t manage to find a download “portal” other than what is for testers on Univentions webpage (https://www.univention.de/download/download-ucs/blabla).
Since support is in fact a forum which does not appear to have its own download section, I am bit puzzled to get anything else than what’s on the webpage under downloads.

Due to maintenance works on our central air-conditioning I wanted to let run a slave domain controller. Since our current installation has problems to update itself (we are on it with support from our supplier, all fine on this end, just not done yet), I thought why not get a VMware image up on a VMware player and let the domain controller slave do the work for 2-3 days.
But I need the machine to run version identical, otherwise it can’t be a domain controller slave and as mentioned, our main UCS installation refuses to upgrade.

Now, are there VMware images compatible to 4.1-4 errata475 ?
And if so, where would I get it and of not, where would I get an outdated installer to install manually ?

Thanks in advance.


You’ll find downloads in the cd download folder - vmware images are all the latest - but you may install in vmware with cd/dvd image


cd/dvd images in folder:


Thank you!
You came to my rescue already, but since this section is obviously existing (as it should), where - err, no: how would I find it ?
Google also reveals only the public part.
Thanks anyway.

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P.S. it seems the download URL is linking to new domain that doesn’t have a valid certificate.
The other image is for reference only.

@augenmensch Please send such observations to feedback@univention.de so that they can fix the links. Thanks.

Yes that was an old link the new one is (leads to the same folder)