Virtualbox Owncloud

Dear all. I am an amateur at this and I totally understand that is an annoying thing for experts to even read my message. I am sorry in advance.
I hope that some one can help me.

I have installed Virtualbox Owncloud.
I have setup a shared folder on the host system (windows) and added it in the settings of the VM.
Now I am lost. I have no idea where to pickup that sharefolder from the guest OS. I need the path to that folder to feed it to the owncloud settings but I truly have no idea where it is.

I used locate on the prompt of ubuntu but it cant find the folde by name neither with the sf_ prefix or without.
I read in another post that it should be in the media folder but I cant find it.

Can anybody be so kind to help me out please?

Thank you so much in advance