Verbindungsprobleme public Freigabe / Connection problems public share

Hallo zusammen
ich habe folgendes Problem mit Windows embedded Clients ( technische Maschinen) die nicht auf eine Freigabe des Servers zugreifen können.

Die Freigabe ist als public im Netzwerk verfügbar.

Trotzdem kann keine Verbindung mit der Freigabe aufgebaut werden.

Das Protokoll habe ich schon auf SMBv1 heruntergesetzt.

Könnte mir bitte jemand helfen woran es noch liegen kann

Gruß Michael

Hello everybody
I have the following problem with Windows embedded clients (technical machines) that can not access a share of the server.

The share is available as public on the network.

Nevertheless, no connection with the release can be established.

I have already lowered the protocol to SMBv1.

Could someone please help me what it may still be

Greetings Michael

Have you re-enabled NTLM v1 authentication? Older machines often only support that scheme, and newer UCS versions tightened that setting to only allow NTLM v2. See the UCR variable samba/ntlm/auth and the smb.conf man page, setting ntlm auth, for details.

Yes i have insert
client lanman auth=yes

First of all, don’t modify the configuration file directly. It’ll be overwritten from the Univention template files.

Second, that’s the wrong setting. It configures how the Samba client tools (e.g. smbclient or programs using the Samba libraries directly in order to access remote servers) authenticate.

I’ve already told you the name of the UCR variable to set. Please set that one.

the variable is set to yes ntlmv1-permitted (alias yes ) - Allow NTLMv1 and above for all clients.
The winXP clients are not on the public release off
When I call the share from a PC there is always a login screen

Or the share can not be found