UVMM with more than one network bridge

Starting to migrate our ESX-VMs to UVMM/KVM and creating virtual desktops with UCS/DVS, we had to realize that UVMM in its standard configuration only enables one virtual network bridge. As we use to have differnt (virtual) networks for different tasks (administration, servers, clients, …), we had to find a way to have them all available as different virtual bridges.

Our actually used UVMM host is equipped with two physical network intrerfaces. So for the need of at least three networks we had to use tagged VLANs (this would be even more interesting if we bonded the interfaces for better availability).

We decided to have the administrative network on eth0, creating the default bridge eth0 in the default way via init-script univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-kvm. On eth1 the switch provides the server-network untagged (VLAN 1) and the Client-Network tagged (VLAN 1720). From the above mentioned init-script we created an additional init-script univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-vlan with reduced functionality and the additional steps:

[ul]On start, run function op_start on every desired combination of Interface and VLAN[/ul]
[ul]In op_start, try to load module 802.1q if not already loaded[/ul]
[ul]Create the VLAN interface with name ‘vlannnnn’ (defined by vconfig set_name_type)[/ul]
[ul]Create bridge, add interface and set interface up[/ul]

In the special case of VLAN #1 (untagged), the virtual interface has to be the physical interface. We do not need to rename the physical interface as the brige is called “lan1”.

We provide our qad-version attached to this message in the hope, someone will modify it for general use (with the combination Interface/VLAN defined in some ucr variables) (had to rename the file to be able to upload; silently remove the .sh from the name).

Best regards
univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-vlan.sh (5.31 KB)

regarding to your work on the capability of using more than one virtual network bridge with UVMM I added a new feature request to our bugtracking system and also attached your script there.
See [bug]23514[/bug] for additional information.

We would like to thank you for your efforts in advance.

Tim Petersen

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