UVMM Command Line

I am creating scripts to rebuild my domain from the command line. Have figured out how to do everything except adding VMs to UVMM. I have looked over the command univention-virtual-machine-manager, but I am not able to figure out how to create a new host from a saved ‘qcow2’ file.

Anyone ever done this NOT using the UI?

If you did what I understand then you should already have xml files for each machine in libvirt notation - correct?
If this is the case you can simply use the uvmm command line tool to define it:

univention-virtual-machine-manager define uri file_or_xml

Please also see the man-page:

man uvmm

If you only have the qcow2-image then you need a “domain definition” (see the mentioned libvirt xml format). I would recommend to create a dummy machine with the UI and then have a look at how the xml files should look like (this has to be done on the virtualization node, in case if you have seperated the management node and the virtualization nodes):

virsh dumpxml instancename > instance.xml