Using UVMM to control LXC


has anybody (tried) running LXC containers on an UCS and controlling them using UVMM?

If I want to use LXC containers independend from UVMM . . . is there anything how UCS is configured that speaks against using LXC containers, especially when updating and upgrading UCS?




as far as I knoww UVMM doesn’t support LXC containers. If you want to use them, you’ll have to manage them manually. There’s not much to observe regarding UCS on top of what you generally have to do with LXC; just use it.

However, I suggest you take a look at another product as the OS for your virtualization host, especially if you want to mix contains & full VMs: Proxmox. It’s a free-with-optionally-paid-support type of product that allows web-based management of both KVM and LXC VMs/machines. It can use advanced features like snapshotting, iSCSI, ZFS etc.

Univention’s UVMM solution is nice for what it does, but it’s also very limited regarding the features offered.

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Hi Moritz,

thanks for your answer! I read somewhere that UVMM uses libvirt. As LXC does it as well I was hoping that there might be the option to utilize UVMM to control LXC as well.