Using Univention UCS based on Debian 10

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Could I install current stable Univention Corporate server on Debian 10 by adding its repos to sources.list ?

No, while UCS 4.4 is way closer to Debian 9 compared to previous earlier versions where the divergence was quite a bit heavier, there are still a lot of differences between vanilla Debian and UCS. UCS 5 targets Debian 10 and is still under development.

The situation is not compareable to i.e. Proxmox where you can actually do that (and where this is actually documented).

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@msi Thanks for a quick reply, I see.
Is there any possibility to use UCS5 beta for testing or personal purposes?
Can I build UCS environment from the ground up (sources or something like that)?

Not that I know of. There is no full 5.0 branch yet on Github either, there are developer branches (See

You might be able to build UCS 4.4-5 from the ground up but it’s quite difficult since the repository contains the modifications Univention puts around and on top of vanilla Debian 9 and is not a full clone of Debian 9 repositories.

Thank you, appreciate your feedback.

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