Using Lets encrypt certificates on several univention servers



Hi everyone,

I am using 2 univention server in my environment.
One is running Kopano and is using the “Lets Encrypt app” in order to maintane the public certificates.

On the second one I set up Nextcloud and want to use the lets encrypt certificate as well. (Of course incl. the correct subdomain).

However, I am not able to install the lets encrypt app on the second univention server since it already exists on the first one. Retrieving the certificate on the first one does not offer any option to delivery it to the second server for the usage with nextcloud for example.

Is there any other option than setting up a file transfer incl. a apache restart on the second machine everytime the certificate gets changed ?



Well… it is possible to install the Let’s Encrypt app on more than on univention servers. Obviously I overlooked that one can select a different installation destination for it :slight_smile: