Using ldap3 python module with authenticated user to apply CRUD operations on AD of Univention Portal does not work?

Hi relavant person,

I am an IT student from the University of Konstanz, currently working in the CASCB department. In our project, we want to use the Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and facing challenges while attempting CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on the Active Directory using Python. (remote controlling samba-tool functionality in a WIN-AD compatible way)

We have successfully authenticated using the ldap3 Python module. However, when applying CRUD operations, we encounter issues. Although the Apache Directory Studio shows that the user has been created and is visible there, it is not visible in our users group on AD of the UCS. When attempting to create the same user using samba-tool, it indicates that the user is created, but in reality, it does not create the user as it already exists. We cannot locate these created users anywhere except in Apache Directory Studio.

Could you please provide guidance on what steps we should take or if there is something crucial that we might be missing?

Thank you for taking the time to assist us.

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