Users with service access but without access to office PC

Hello together,

our club ist using several services integrated with UCS like Nextcloud and we have an office with some PC.

How do I disable the PC access for ordinary users?
The people working at our office need the access to the PC and to the services. The other club members are not allowed to log into the office PC.

I was told that this was possible but “this option vanished” or it is hiding somewhere now …


UCS Version 4.4.4 errata 642

Thanks @SirTux . This is interesting and can be a solution.
But maybe there is another way to solve this?

The “normal” situation is: A bunch of computers as workplaces for user and UCS-apps as an add on.

Our situation is: The users are working with Nextcloud and other apps using the internet. Our add on are some computers and some users who use them.
It is just a hook in UCS to enable/disable access to the Nextcloud for a user.
Is there something like this hook to enable/disable workplace login for a user in UCS?


Creating a GPO restricting Windows login to a certain group is quite easy. Adding users to a certain group too. So what’s the problem?

In the users module (account->Windows) it’s possible to restrict the login to certain Windows pcs. You may try to enter an non-existing computer name. Is this more convenient for you?

Sorry but I can work with window clients but never worked administered a windows server. (I feel comfortable with HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, … in all sizes :slight_smile: ) We only have the UCS system I can configure from home. So normally I have no access to windows tools (from home).

You talk about the UCS and the “Benutzer” module? (Surprise: The interface language is “german” :slightly_smiling_face: )
There is the section “Konto” and the subsection “Windows”. At the end of the subsection I can enter a name for a non existing PC. This is a solution if I define a pattern for new users because we have “5 users” with PC access and “hundreds of users” without PC access.

Thank you

UMC supports multi-edit. But yes I recommend the GPO solution …