Users can't login to Benno Mailarchiv

i am testing the benno Mailarchiv together with Kopano and installed it from the UCS AppCenter.
At the moment only Administrator can login to benno. I see see there 49 mails are archived, but i can’t see these mails. When i try to login as a normal user, Benno tells me, that username or password is wrong.
Looking in the Benno wiki, it tells me, that i have to configure Benno in the Kopano WebApp. But under settings, there is no option for Benno.
Is there anything i missed?


As far as I know Benno brings its own plugin for Kopano WebApp. I have no own experiences with Benno and can therefore not say if the plugin should have been installed automatically.

Benno MailArchive authenticates against LDAP. You should use the UCS username/password to login.

The Administrator user should see all mails. If you click the [i] button on the web ui, the line email adresses should show something like: @

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