Users cannot edit the Profiles / Passwords using self-service

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I have installed the self-service and self-service-backend apps on the primary domain node. When a user logs in, the panel on the right is visible and it is possible to click on »edit profile« and any of the following links. But no matter what is chosen, the user is always prompted for the password and the authentication always fails.

Screenshot from 2023-03-31 12-25-16

As the error suggests, we might have missed to grant some permissions. But which could that be and where should those be applied? Do users have to be created within the self-registered-container in order for this to work, or doesn’t that matter?

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have you configured the Self-Service as stated in our manual?
Looking at what’s written there maybe you need to enable the function via the UCRV umc/self-service/profiledata/enabled?


Thanks a lot for pointing me to the manual! I have checked all the directives outlined there and all of them are looking good so far.

Screenshot from 2023-04-03 09-36-54

Is there any command to run in order to apply those changes?

Right now we do not have setup any email related stuff, so users do not have a primary mail configured, since this mail is required to be in the domain. Is that in our way here?

It is finally working. After double checking the manual as pointed out by @jlk and an upgrade it is now working.

@jlk Thanks for Help!!

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