Username Alias for Kopano

Hello Community.

I have a general questen. But, at first I want do describe my setup and plans.
I have a Active Directory Server to wich I’ve joined Univention. Univention has read the accounts from Active Directory. Additionally I run a Zrafa Mailserver which should be replaced by Kopano on the mentioned Univention system. In the future I want to completly replace Active Directory as well.
Zarafa does not use the same user basis as Active Directory,
Which leads me directly to my question: Can I have an alias for active directory account which Kopano has read? I’d like to use this as the login for Kopano.
So… Basically the Username from AD/Univention should be in sync with the current Windows logins and the alias should be in sync with the current Zarafa usernames.

Can I simply set an E-Mail address like and tell Kopano to use this for auth?

Thank you in advance.
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I just found a solution to my question and wanted to share…
Adding the “ldap_loginname_attribute” setting in the ldap.cfg file of Kopano tells the server which attribute it should use for the login name. You can specify any existing attribute. Thus, even a custom attribute might be used. However, I’m fine with the primary mail address and specified mailPrimaryAddress.

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Hi @martink,

your realisation is correct, with the options in ldap.cfg and ldap.propmap.cfg you can freely adjust your local ldap configuration. To be upgrade safe I would recommend to change this value through the univention config registry, though. tell you how.