User unable to receive email after update to UCS5.03

Hi There.

My user account in UCS has suddenly stopped accepting email since updating to UCS5.03.
The server is configured with Kopano.

Looking at var/log/mail.log I can see Postfix can no longer find my mailbox.
The error is “Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table;”

Its the ONLY user account with the issue, all other mailboxes are receiving email normally.

Reading other forum entries about similar problems refer to issues with univention postfix template changes but Im not familiar with messing with that stuff.

Any suggestions welcome.


Check if the join script for fetchmail was executed correctly. There are several posts here in the forum that there are / were problems with the fetchmail joinscript when updating to 5.0.3.

Thanks for the tip. Not sure if it’s the cause as I’m not using Fetchmail. The error is generated directly by Postfix itself. Seems to be likely related to the LDAP lookup

Okay so I had posted in another thread that The user record had an orphaned objectClass entry pointing to guacamole. After fixing that entry and finally updating my user record in the Univention web console it has self resolved.

Hope this may be useful to someone else.

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