User timezone


When I installed UCS, I set the timezone to America/Central. If I go into System -> Languages, it shows as America/Central.

When I create a user - their timezone shows up as Pacific/Easter. I’m running a stock UCS install with Samba AD Server and Open-Xchange.

Is this normal, or did I miss something?



during installation a user template “open-xchange groupware account” is created. This template defines a default value for the timezone, which should be the timezone of the system (seems to have failed in your case)

To change the default value for the timezone in the user template, please logon to the UMC and go to Domain -> LDAP Directory -> univention -> templates and open the “open-xchange groupware account” object. Open the “User Account” tab and set a new default in “Default timezone”.

If you don’t use the “open-xchange groupware account” template for creating new users, you have to change the default for the timezone attribute. Logon to the UMC and go to Domain -> LDAP Directory -> univention -> custom attributes -> open-xchange and open the oxTimeZone object. Set a new timezone default in “Data type” -> “Default Value”.

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