User templae Added Attributes Problems

Hi, I’ve added a Extended attribute, now I’m tring to modify but this is output:

univention-directory-manager users/user list  --filter username=test | grep passwordMustChange
  passwordMustChange: None
univention-directory-manager users/user modify --dn "uid=test,ou=OU,dc=domain,dc=intranet" --set passwordMustChange="false"
E: object not found

Who can help me?

“Object not found” means that the DN you specified via --dn doesn’t exist. Try udm users/user list --filter username=test|grep '^DN:'

Hi @Moritz_Bunkus , Can you post me a complete howto to add an Users Extended attribute?

Thank you

Feel free to look at the official documentation (here and here) and search here in the forum. I will answer concrete questions about specific issues, but I won’t write up a comprehensive document.

@Moritz_Bunkus Thank you so mutch for links, now this is error:

univention-directory-manager settings/extended_attribute create --options

E: Can`t find running daemon after 50.0 seconds. (No socketfile)

Object created