User Name field as First Name

Hi all. I’m a new user of univention and so far liking it very much.
Just one question, is there any way to make univention use the first name or last name as the user ‘Name’ field?
We wanted the users to use their staff id as the username but all over the place it will be visible like sharing a folder to specified user for instance, the sharer have to know the staff id of the staff they want to share with.


I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking for correctly. UCS works just like an Active Directory. Each user account has fields for a first name, a last name and a login (UID). How each of those fields are displayed to the user depends on the application in question. For example, if you’re using the Zarafa Webmail application and want to share a folder with another user then Zarafa will present you with all three attributes making looking up users a breeze. On Windows you can look up domain users via their name, too, not just via their login. On the other hand assigning file and directory permissions on Linux requires you use the login – you cannot change that.

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