User login by ip

Hi can I limit a samba user login to dc only froma specific ip?

What to you exactly mean?

SSH, an Samba Share…?

Hi @boospy , I’ve a particular samba user that change users password, check groups members ecc ecc.
I’ve to limit user samba, not shares, login to domain controller only from a particular ip

Thank you

What about the other users, are they free of choice?
Is a simple logon script, checking the IP, for this user enough?

So you mean the login to the webinterface, right?
Keycloak with 2 Factor may also be a way.

no webinterface, samba login

Is a reader/modify user from a external webapplication


I only know this part, you can configure a few things here. SourceIP addresses can be entered directly in Samba for individual shares. I am not aware of anything else.