User Access Rights

We have an old network file server (not Samba) and want to see if we can go to Samba and use Univention for that purpose. I have no Samba experience. I am using Univention version 4.3-2.

We have different user groups. Each group has its own network drive. On each such drive the group can create directories with full access rights. A group has no access rights to the network drive of another group.

On a group network drive it is possible to create a subdirectory and make sure that only specific members of that group have access right to that subdirectory. Other members of the same group cannot enter that subdirectory. All clients are Windows 7 professional.

That’s normal business so far.

Now I have installed Univention. Shares, users and user groups have been created. Each share has a user group as its “user group for the root directory of the share”. So the group members can access that share.

I have created a specific logon script for each group that runs when the user logs in to Windows. This way the user can see the drive for their group. The logon script contains something like this line:

net use x: \\\group1 /persistent:no

Not sure if its the correct way to connect a network drive on Windows to the Samba share!

I have following questions:

  • How can I give each user their own private home directory? When users log in to Windows no home directory is there (Windows)! When a user logs in to Windows a subdirecty is created automatically unter /home/ on the server but the user does not get a network drive like H:
    I tried it in “User -> Konto -> Windows home directory = /ucs-server/user1” but it does not work!

  • Sometimes a user from one group needs to have read access to the share of another group. How can I do this on Univension?

  • How can I make sure that only one user has access to a specific subdirectory on the share of the same group? For example a team leader has access to a subdirectory but his/her team members don’t.