Use sambaNTPassword & userPassword on new UCS

I do have a UCS-Domain on one host… which is really messed up. There are only a few users so creating the whole thing from scratch is most likely easier than wasting hours on debugging it.
I don’t want to use “migrate Domain” or anything because this may copy over errors…

So… when I setup everythign from scratch, can I somehow overwrite the new passwords with the hashes of the old ones? I can easily get them using univention-ldapsearch.
I only need these right?:

how can I do this (overwriting)? no problem if I need to do this manually for each user…

It looks like it should work… I’m wondering if it’s working for the Computers too… I’m gonna update you after I test this…

just copying the passwor dhashes of computer accounts wasn’t working. maybe it would have been working when I copied over the kerberos stuff too.