Use full email address instead of user name as user login

Hello everyone!

The actual question itself: how can I use full address, i.e. instead of just jdoe while login to Kopano WebApp from UCS Univention App Center?
Full email is more logical and convinience as for my user experience.

Hi @Twissell,

this can be influenced through ldap_loginname_attribute in ldap.cfg. You can set it on ucs via

ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_loginname_attribute=mail (from memory, untested)

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Just tested on VM, nope that setting doesn’t work at all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did you restart kopano-server afterwards?

Yes, I did. Login procedure gets broken if I execute

ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_loginname_attribute=mail

It works with “short” username only after defaults settings has been setup.

ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_loginname_attribute=uid

The right command is

ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_loginname_attribute=mailPrimaryAddress
as far as I can test :slight_smile:

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login now with emai-address, but many ldap errors in mail.log

Oct 20 16:31:53 ucs-app kopano-server[13287]: Authentication by plugin failed for user “cz@xx.xx”: Trying to authenticate failed: not found in LDAP; username = cz

old device still using the old username format?

i dont get z-push-autodiscover to use login name, even i configure it
so i tried

ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_loginname_attribute=mailPrimaryAddress

but then mail log bringing those errors

so i login with email and uid errors in mail log

define('USE_FULLEMAIL_FOR_LOGIN', false);

does not report username to mailclient

so if i login with primary address i use

define('USE_FULLEMAIL_FOR_LOGIN', true);

but then postfix causes the complains about login in with username only

so i have to get z-push running or login with email for kopano and ucs postfix

Postfix? How is that relevant for z-push?

I need autodiscover, but it ignores the uid only
So I try this solution above
But then postfix is failing
Can’t send any Mail

I don’t see how changing a z-push setting will generally make sending mail failing for the whole server.

I would recommend to book a remote session with the Kopano support so someone can have a direct look at your system.

i moved the discussion here

define(‘USE_FULLEMAIL_FOR_LOGIN’, false);

does not work in z-push as expected, so this was my workaround

please help