Use full email address instead of user name as user login

Hello everyone!

The actual question itself: how can I use full address, i.e. instead of just jdoe while login to Kopano WebApp from UCS Univention App Center?
Full email is more logical and convinience as for my user experience.

Hi @Twissell,

this can be influenced through ldap_loginname_attribute in ldap.cfg. You can set it on ucs via

ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_loginname_attribute=mail (from memory, untested)

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Just tested on VM, nope that setting doesn’t work at all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did you restart kopano-server afterwards?

Yes, I did. Login procedure gets broken if I execute

ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_loginname_attribute=mail

It works with “short” username only after defaults settings has been setup.

ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_loginname_attribute=uid

The right command is

ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_loginname_attribute=mailPrimaryAddress
as far as I can test :slight_smile:

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