Use case?

I am trying to understand the benefit of this product. I understand the concept of hosting virtual desktops to simplify management through a centralized management, but isn’t this problem solved with UCD ? Why host multiple desktops from a central server when UCD allows central management of the OS on each device. Given the user needs a device anyway, why have the desktop running elsewhere?

the Desktop Vitualization Services are very interesting for Windows-based infrastructures e.g.

  • to substitute windows terminal services or
  • to centralize desktop-envoironments which were not terminalserver-ready in the past
  • to give users a individual desktop
    One very important reason to virtualize windows and/or linux desktops are the adminstration costs of a distributed infrstructure.
    Desktop virtualization in combination with a thin client infrastructure reduce the administration and maintenance at the user-desktop,
    Furthermore a per user software collection, including a per user configurable operating system available on any client device.

I hope that makes it a little bit more transparent