Use another Antivirus program

can use another antivirus for my mailserver on Univention Corporate Server!
I will test ESET Mail Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris there is for Debian / Ubuntu (.deb).

Kind Regards Bengt

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I found these link to get nod32 to work with Univention CS

What happen if install ESET Security for Linux on Univention Corporate Server will that antivirus clamav be disabled.
Is there some have tested that antivirus on Univention Corporate Server!!!

Unfortunatly I cannot find ESET in the maintained and unmaintained repositories suplied with univention. You would need to use a Debian package, but we cannot guarantee if that works and what repercussions you may face. If you need to use this Software you would/should test this first in a testingenvironment.

thanks i will test in an testingenvironment first see if working or not