Use an external hard drive (my passport / MAC ) to deliver cloud storage

I am a complete newbie both own cloud server and unix in general so please be gentle … squeak squeak…

I have the basic system working ok but it won’t be much use unless I can utilise my external 4TB hard drive. It seems from previous posts (2016) this is a problem but maybe I have misunderstood or things have changed.

It will need to be a pretty basic sort of description of what to do, if indeed it is possible.


I should have included that I am running the VM on a Mac

Well, in this case the first step is not an UCS issue. You need to make sure to present the drive to your virtual UCS. I have now clue how this is done in MAC, sorry.

Once done you have to mount the drive to a location inside the UCS directory tree. You have to learn how to do with Linux basics. Remember, UCS is designed for business purpose so you should be able to perform some steps on your own. Do some research based on topics like “/etc/fstab” and how to mount a USB drive to Linux. Onche mounte,d you can easily create a shared folder or configure whatever application you have to use this mounted storage.