Use AD user permission to open shared folder mapped on owncloud

Hello everyone, i’m not UCS expert.
I downloaded the esxi image of UCS 4.4-6 errata780 (Blumenthal).
I connect to ucs via AD credential.
I have this app: Active directory connection, owncloud, collabora-online.
Under Owncloud, in Archive, i configured CIFS parameter in order to view my network shared folders.
In cifs permission i added user with AD admin privilege. I shared the cifs folder with other domain users.
Now I would like these users when opened a shared folder to take inheritance the permission that i set under shared folder on my server, but i don’t understand what can i do to accomplish this… At this moment the user have access to all three.
Please can you send me some url or some knoweledge base can help me ?
thanks in advice