USB external hard drive


I want to add a usb external hard drive in my virtual machine. How can I do that I do not see the option when adding a drive it just shows hard drive, CD-ROM and floppy disk.

I would really appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.


the UVMM (the web-based management component for virtual machines) doesn’t support USB pass-through at the moment. There don’t seem to be any concrete plans for adding such support either (see e.g. this bug report in German: 30440).

However, there are reports by users who have succeeded in implementing pass-through by editing the corresponding configuration files (via the “virsh” tool). See e.g. this post (unfortunately it’s in German, too). On that layer you’re not doing anything that’s specific to Univention, though; this is basic KVM/qemu management with libvirt. Therefore you can also Google for a general howto about USB pass-through with libvirt.

Kind regards,

Thank you Mortiz Bunkus for your reply I am going to check that on google.