Uploading packages fails: Connection to module process failed

I tried uploading new package versions to our app today multiple times with univention-appcenter-control but every time I got the following message:

Unrecoverable result: {u'status': 511, u'message': u'Connection to module process failed', u'traceback': None, u'location': u'https://provider-portal.software-univention.de/univention/command'}

It is not always the same package and usually some packages can be uploaded but not all I need for the latest update.
Are there currently any problems known?


the error message seems serious, but I cannot find anything in the logs. It may be that the process just needs a little bit longer to respond than the configured timeout.

I can see that several opsi packages were uploaded. Maybe you can check if everything is in place despite this error message?

Nonetheless, we shall investigate further; it looks as if we have some kind of performance issue.


Since there have been errors and I don’t see an easy way to check the checksums of the uploaded files I’d rather try to get a clean upload.

I got a similar error a few minutes ago when running univention-appcenter-control status opsi. Maybe this shows something in the logs.