Upgrade issue recent installation



I don’t know what happen but i have some servers that i can’t update via web gui.
The update stucks.
Via console univention-upgrade, same thing.
apt-get work, but keep report update missing
The only solution is apt-get dist-upgrade (but must insert ucs 4.3 installation dvd)

Happen with last update 4.3.2 errata 129 and now the same when try to update to errata 234

PS: Ok found that for some reason the /etc/apt/sources.list have cdrom uncomment



never upgrade a UCS system with apt-get or apt. Always use either the web UI or the univention-upgrade command. The latter ways not only run vital checks before the update, they also run pre-update scripts that fix various known problems. And they often upgrade certain sets of packages before all the rest ensuring that the update can succeed.

If you have problems with the web updater or the univention-upgrade command, look at the corresponding log files in /var/log/univention and post relevant content here, please.

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The issue is that the log never give nothing the update just “stops the progress” without errors.

Like i said the issue is now resolved, the problem is the source.list that have the cd-rom as source and for some reason the web ui / univention-upgrade are waiting for the cdrom (i guess but don’t report that) the only upgrade method that refer that is the apt-get dist-upgrade.

With that i check the source.list remove the cdrom and run univention-upgrade and than eveything works