Upgrade hplip cups module

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I have an unlisted HP printer model. I would like to update the hplip, how should I proceed, can I update the hplip manually or do I need to wait for Univention to launch an update?

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I’m sorry but where is your printer not listed? In the UCS module for printers? Then it might be sufficient to add the PPD files according to the manual?
Also, what UCS version are you running, what version of hplip is provided and which version do you need?
Disclaimer: Of course you can update the package just like on a Debian system, however that is not covered by our enterprise support and you might be on your own if something breaks.

Hi Michael!
Thanks for answering.
I am using UCS 4.2
We purchased an HP printer, not listed on this version of hplip. HP recommends upgrading the hplip, however, I have not yet tested the suggestion to create a PPD file. I do not want to take the risk of updating the hplip and give some problem, so I’ll follow this path and post the results. Anyway, I think it would be interesting for the team to update the hplip in UCS, since in UCC it is more current, and for compatibility issues with new models. I will keep in touch on the evolution of this case.
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Michael Voigt

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