Upgrade from ucs 3.0-2 to 3.1

In my review for a potential upgrade this weekend, I was reviewing the release notes. I came across a note about the member server role being removed. (Bug 29757).

How will this affect domain upgrades to 3.1? Will my existing member servers work?

I assume this means that I would be unable to add additional member servers (as samba 3 file servers) until this is resolved? Is there a current workaround, or a timeframe for resolution to this bug?


the removal of the member server role only affects the system setup in appliance modes - that means that you are not able to choose member server as role in appliance images -> UCS Appliance. Since last week this was solved by new vmware and amazon ec2 (appliance) images.

Apart from that this issue should not affect your use case (installing new member servers in your domain, upgrading existing member servers, etc.) at all.

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen