Upgrade 5.0 fails due to leftovers from uninstalled ox-appsuite

Hello together,

a long time ago I’ve installed ox-appsuite on my system for testing - I’ve removed it perhaps two years ago but there where leftovers that will prevent update now. I get the following message:

The system can not be updated to UCS 5.0 due to the following reasons:

The following UCR templates are not compatible with Python 3:

The following extensions are incompatible with UCS 5.0:
        cn=66oxforucs,cn=ldapacl,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=50_ox,cn=udm_syntax,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxAccess,cn=udm_hook,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxGroupHook,cn=udm_hook,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxUserDefaults,cn=udm_hook,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxmail/oxcontext,cn=udm_module,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxmail/oxdomain,cn=udm_module,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxmail/oxfetchmailmulti,cn=udm_module,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxmail/oxfetchmailsingle,cn=udm_module,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxmail/oxfolder,cn=udm_module,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxmail/oxlists,cn=udm_module,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxmail/oxmail,cn=udm_module,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxresources/oxresources,cn=udm_module,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=oxContextRW,cn=udm_hook,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)

I have tried to move the file and ucr commit /etc/ldap/sldap.conf but while it will build a new version of sldap.conf there is an error in building it:

Failed to process Subfile /etc/univention/templates/files/etc/ldap/slapd.conf.d/66oxforucs.acl
Multifile: /etc/ldap/slapd.conf

So this is not enough.

Question is then - how should I proceed?

There are also two guacamole related entries preventing the update:

The following extensions are incompatible with UCS 5.0:


        cn=guacamole,cn=udm_syntax,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)
        cn=guacamole/config,cn=udm_module,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=lan: [unspecified..unspecified)

What do they do and will guacamole on a member-server/ managed node still work?


If you don’t need OX anymore you should purge the packages:
apt purge univention-ox-dependencies-master univention-ox-directory-integration (make sure ucr get ox/master/42/registered_ldap_acls is set to yes, otherwise don’t purge).

Then see, if purging removes the extended attributes? Otherwise they can be removed manually.

guacamole is not yet ready for UCS 5.0, I guess the vendor is working on it. Please re-check a few weeks later.

Thank you for your support on this one.

It isn’t working like this on my system, there are still leftover files.
But I don’t see a problem removing the extended attributes manually and I also have found a second corresponding .info-file for /etc/univention/templates/files/etc/ldap/slapd.conf.d/66oxforucs.acl
in /etc/univention/templates/info/ so that I don’t get that error on building sldap.conf

The ucr variable ox/master/42/registered_ldap_acls is still set to yes. Do I just leave it this way or should I remove the ox-variables?

I also still have the udm - modules ox resources and ox mail (instead of mail) / do I have to worry about these? Or will they just disappear during the update?

They disappear when the extended attributes are cleared (and a server restart).

This is the object which created the UDM module oxmail/oxmail. If this is removed, the module is not shown anymore.

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You can safely unset the Variable if you remove the .info file and the template.

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